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Bundle of Joy

When Kyle was born, his mom and dad excitedly checked him over as all new parents do to make sure he had ten fingers and ten toes. Much to their surprise, he didn’t. Kyle’s right foot had one long big toe and four tiny buds where the other toes normally were. His parents were immediately concerned.

Their questions were later answered when they discovered that Kyle was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome. This rare syndrome causes amniotic bands to float around in the womb, wrapping around and entangling digits, limbs or other body parts. In Kyle’s case, the band was wrapped around his foot as he was developing.

A Born Athlete

Throughout grade school, Kyle’s foot never slowed him down. He did everything his big brother did and played all sorts of sports, including lacrosse. His foot with one toe was smaller than his other foot, but using two different sized cleats was a good fix at that time. It was not until the 8th grade when Kyle had a growth spurt that his weight became too much for his smaller foot to bear.

Kyle saw many types of foot doctors that gave him inserts and orthoses, which always came short of his needs as an athlete. Kyle was so passionate about lacrosse that he would continue to play even though his smaller foot developed blisters. In the 9th grade Kyle met with a certified orthotist from a university hospital. Kyle explained what he needed. The orthotist told him that it would not be possible for his smaller foot to perform like the other. Kyle was devastated.

An Internet Post

Kyle's foot was in so much pain and his knees also began hurting. He told his mom, Vicki, that he would quit lacrosse. Her heart was broken.

She made a promise to him that they would search until they found someone who could make exactly what he needed. While neither of them were certain that a solution could be found, they pressed on and found a chat site for orthotists. Vicki posted her mission of helping her son to play lacrosse. She received over 25 emails from orthotists that first night!

Kyle was so excited that there was hope. Being very mature for his age, he took to responding to the emails himself; providing more details or politely declining ideas. They narrowed down the search to 2 specialists. One was out of Boston, offering a spring system where the toes should be. The other orthotist was Scott from Orthotic Care Services, offering an Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO).


Upon further research and phone calls, Kyle and Vicki decided to move forward with Orthotic Care Services. After sending a mold via mail and video chatting about the details, Scott sent a custom AFO to Michigan for Kyle to try for 2 weeks, at no charge. "What a breath of fresh air to us! He was the first person who seemed to understand what Kyle needed to play lacrosse successfully. We began to have some hope." Vicki said.

Kyle was so excited when the package arrived! He put the AFO on with a shoe and felt comfort when walking and power when playing lacrosse. Kyle's parents were reserved, but everyone was hopeful.

Great Care. Great Results.

What followed were many communications to further refine the AFO. Kyle and his family were so impressed with the level of service. "Scott was excited to help Kyle! He and everyone working in his office genuinely cared. Kyle was their mission." Vicki said.

After extreme patience from Kyle's coach, the moment arrived when he could finally put in his all-star player. With tears in their eyes, Kyle's parents watched his first game using his new AFO. According to his mom, "Kyle was able to run faster, shoot stronger, pivot quicker and become an even better player. Most of all he was not in pain and he was HAPPY!"

Way to Go, Kyle!

The staff at Orthotic Care Services is so honored to have had the opportunity to help Kyle. We are amazed at his perseverance and all of his accomplishments!

We want to thank Vicki for contributing the details of this story so we could share it with others.